Snap Docks

Snap Dock is the most advanced modular floating dock system on the market. Engineered by experts in the plastics industry featuring patent pending injection molded connectors, reinforced surface support, an attractive non-slip surface, and many more features, Snap Dock delivers unsurpassed durability and flexibility to recreational and commercial customers.


Snap Dock’s Floating Jet Ski Lifts are the perfect solution for residential and commercial customers who want easy access to their jet skis and also want to protect them.  Snap Dock’s Drive on Jet Ski Lifts accomplish this with several advanced features including a split entry with dual adjustable rollers for easy docking and launching,  built-in bow stop and patent pending injection molded connectors.


Connect them to your Snap Dock system or use anchor pipes.  Customers with more than one jet ski can connect them side to side.  Installation is a breeze with the 2-piece design.


  • Attractive Non-Slip Surface
  • Unmatched Strength
  • Seamless Color Integration
  • Reinforced Surface Support
  • Industrial Grade Durability
  • 8 Year Flotation and Component Warranty


Snap Dock Brochure: